Mercedes executive director (business) Toto Wolff admits it will be seen as a failure if the team doesn't win this year's championship.

The Australian Grand Prix saw Mercedes get off to a strong start to the season, with Nico Rosberg taking a dominant victory. Lewis Hamilton failed to finish the race due to a reliability issue but had taken pole position to show just how strong Mercedes is, and when asked by in Melbourne if it would be seen as a failure if the team didn't win the title this year from its current position, Wolff replied: "Yes, absolutely.

"I don't see it as a big advantage to be honest. You can see if you have a DNF then you lose points. McLaren is leading the championship with (originally) a third and a fourth place. So we cannot pause in the whole thing.

"Yes, we have a little bit of a margin at the moment, and losing that margin out is something which I would consider as a failure, yes."

Having been chasing Red Bull in 2013 and now seeing those roles reversed, Wolff said it would not impact on the way that Mercedes goes about its work.

"It doesn't change the approach because I think you have to look at yourself and improve everything, improve the organisation and improve the car. Whether you are ahead or behind it doesn't change an awful lot to the approach."



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