Ron Dennis admits the strong start McLaren made to the new F1 season will strengthen its position in talks with prospective title sponsors.

Group CEO Dennis revealed ahead of the start of the season that McLaren would have a title sponsor in place this year, expecting a deal to be concluded at some point during the opening rounds of the season. After Kevin Magnussen finished third and Jenson Button fourth (later promoted to second and third respectively) at the Australian Grand Prix to leave the team heading the constructors' championship, Dennis admitted the result was well timed.

Asked if it would help with current negotiations with potential sponsors, Dennis replied: "Of course, of course."

However, Dennis doesn't believe it will speed up the process, only strengthen McLaren's hand.

"There's pretty much a pre-set timing on everything and I think that will all unfold over the next few weeks."

While McLaren was competitive it couldn't match Mercedes in Sunday's race and Dennis said the biggest plus points came from the way the team had worked to get the most out of the car in Melbourne.

"Of course we had a good weekend. The result is not so bad. There is more behind the result; discipline in the team, pit stops that were well performed, calling it right with Jenson [Button]; basically the weekend as a whole worked very, very well. There were a few problems at the very beginning of one practice with software but again, no fluster, very focused, very determined and together."



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