McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says it was clear to all the teams that a fuel flow sensor issue might need managing early in the new season.

Red Bull saw Daniel Ricciardo excluded from the Australian Grand Prix after it opted to ignore the FIA's request to decrease its fuel flow as the sensor was saying Ricciardo was consistently exceeding the maximum flow of 100 kg/h. Red Bull was adamant that the sensor was supplying an incorrect reading and that it could prove Ricciardo was complying with regulations, but the FIA was unhappy that its advice was ignored.

Boullier has since revealed that all of the teams were aware there could be issues, with the FIA stating during testing that the sensor could not be ignored.

"It's clear that it was raised early enough that there was a little bit of an accuracy issue between the different sensors, but we have been working closely with the FIA since early January to make sure that we understand the needs and understand if we could improve the system," Boullier said. "All the teams were obviously welcome and working all together.

"In the end the FIA took a position in Bahrain at the second test where it was clear that the fuel flow sensor would be the reference and had to be used, so we knew that there was a little bit of need to filter a little bit the signal; there was a little bit of deviation if you want and we had to be careful with the fuel flow.

"In the end we have been fully compliant during the race and the whole weekend actually like most of the teams."

And asked if he had any sympathy for Red Bull's stance, Boullier said he doesn't want to get involved with issues for other teams but will focus on ensuring McLaren doesn't hit similar problems.

"To be honest we have enough on our plate and we do our job to be compliant with the regulations. This is just a matter which is between the FIA and Red Bull and we don't want to comment at all."



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