McLaren will not increase its expectations of Kevin Magnussen despite his impressive F1 debut in the Australian Grand Prix.

Magnussen qualified fourth in Melbourne and originally finished third in the race before he was promoted to second as a result of Daniel Ricciardo's exclusion. That meant he bettered Lewis Hamilton's debut for McLaren, with Hamilton finishing third in 2007, but Boullier said the team would not be making comparisons between the two after Hamilton came within a point of the title in his first year.

Asked if the impressive performance had changed the team's expectations of Magnussen this season, Boullier replied: "Definitely not, no.

"You cannot base all the expectation all on one race. First of all the biggest difference maybe between Lewis' time and Kevin's time is that Lewis went through a lot of testing with McLaren before, it was a different time and a different era.

"This weekend Kevin did a brilliant job, benefitted as well from a few abandons or let's say some other stories with the FIA stewards but I think he did a very good job. He was mature enough to build up his weekend and obviously he had a strong drive both in qualifying and the race. But for sure there is no more expectation today other than building up and trying to develop him as a potential race-winner if we have the car to do this."

Group CEO Ron Dennis agrees Hamilton and Magnussen should not be compared but was impressed by his new driver's debut.

"The world's a different place now, different regulations etc," Dennis said. "I don't think it's good to make comparisons, I think any driver driving for the first time in Formula One and coming third [originally] is a pretty good achievement, whether it's Lewis, Kevin or whoever."

Asked if Magnussen could have the same career as Hamilton, Dennis replied: "I think everybody is wired differently so I doubt it will be the same but it could certainly be comparable."



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