Romain Grosjean believes Lotus will make a big step forward at this weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix.

Lotus struggled at the Australian Grand Prix after a lack of mileage in testing, with neither Grosjean nor Pastor Maldonado making it to the end of the race. However, both cars managed to complete some more substantial mileage during the first race and Grosjean believes the data acquired will help it make strong progress at Sepang.

"We've made quite a lot of changes in a lot of areas where we have seen we could improve on the race data and what we learned on Sunday," Grosjean said. "Hopefully we've done our homework; I don't think everything is going to be 100% but if it can be a step forward that would be nice. I think Renault has been working hard as well because they have some work to do but they did it. Hopefully there will be some more consistency, more performance and a better weekend for us."

Asked if he was confident that Lotus would not be qualifying near the back of the grid as it had in Melbourne, Grosjean replied: "I do hope so!

"I don't want to be too confident or too careful. I just want to jump in the car and drive, see that the power unit is better and responding, that the state of charge and fuel management and so on is getting better, that our brake system is better as well and that we use the tyres properly. If we do those three things then I think it will be a big step forward."

While admitting the opening weekend was a tough one for him, Grosjean said he was able to adjust expectations in Australia and that eventually meant he was pleasantly surprised by how much of the race he managed to complete.

"You have different types of weekend in your life; for example last year in Monaco I was super-quick but I was also super-quick in to the wall as well! In Melbourne we had a different kind of weekend where you get there and you know that you haven't done enough mileage in testing, you don't know where you're going to be and if you're extremely lucky then things may go right but that wasn't the case.

"So it was a bit strange to come in on Sunday morning and say 'Yeah, if we do 20 laps that will be good', and we did 45. I think we've learned a lot and I was more happy with the way things were going so that was positive."



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