Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo says F1 "has to be extreme" and claims the current sport "is no longer Formula One".

Montezemolo is present in Bahrain for talks with FIA president Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone about the future of F1 after raising his concerns that the new regulations are damaging the sport. Speaking in the paddock in Bahrain, Montezemolo said the teams need to think about how the fans are reacting to F1 at this early stage.

"We want to increase the value, the passion, the success of Formula One," Montezemolo said. "Formula One is our life, so we have to look ahead, sharing with the other teams a good solution. I don't want to think of the decline of Formula One, and if we look at it today, we have a race that is no longer Formula One.

"We have to give back to Formula One its characteristics. We cannot have an economy formula. It has to be extreme, with racing from the first lap to the last. Formula One is also about the engine music - not noise - and we also have to make sure it is not too complicated with regard to the rules.

"For the people in the grandstands, how can they understand what is going on with this fuel-flow meter (that led to Daniel Ricciardo's disqualification in Australia)? So it's important we share ideas together to improve the situation because I don't want to think of the big possibility of Formula One's decline."

With Toto Wolff saying any changes this year would be "absurd", Montezemolo says his main goal is to get the teams working together to look at the long-term impact.

"My position is clear, as I said a few months ago, that the risk of the new rules would have to think about saving tyres, saving fuel. This is not Formula One. I respect the situation, but in a constructive way we have to all look ahead and try to do something because Formula One is extreme from the first to last lap.

"It doesn't mean we have to change now, but we have to take care of the situation and all together look ahead. I think something, without changing rules in the short term, is possible. I understand Mercedes' position, but for me Formula One is more important than the rules, is our life, and so we have to think of the future together and to share common goals."

And Montezemolo added that it is not his intention to shake up the current competitive order by calling for changes.

"It's nothing to do with this. With the rules of today we have to be more competitive. It's not a question of changing the rules now, but for the future it's a different situation."



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