Ferrari team principal Marco Mattiacci says he has no issues with Kimi Raikkonen, describing him as "a super-cool guy".

Raikkonen has struggled relative to team-mate Fernando Alonso on the whole this season, while Ferrari has endured a disappointing start to the season with only one podium from the opening six races. Mattiacci was asked how he had found working with Raikkonen since taking over as team principal in April, and he said he enjoys working with the 2007 world champion due to his honesty.

"I have worked before in Finland for several months - I'm not going to tell you the project - but I know Finnish people quite well," Mattiacci said. "Kimi is someone who is Finnish but grew up internationally because of the travel with Formula One.

"I think he's a super-cool guy, I like him very much. We are always very open and frank in discussions, professionally, so it's a great person to work with.

"We are all different, so sometimes we need to tune the level of communication or the way that we talk to people in order to be on the same frequency. So I don't find any issue in dealing with Kimi; quite the opposite, I think he's a fun person to work with and I have no problems."