Paul Hembery has voiced his opposition to a proposed ban on in-season testing in 2015, saying it will be a step backwards.

Pirelli campaigned successfully to be able to test tyres in warm conditions in pre-season and also during the year, with two tests in Bahrain in February being followed by four two-day in-season tests after certain grands prix. However, following a meeting of the F1 Strategy Group which also suggested reducing running on Fridays next season, it has been proposed that in-season testing is scrapped.

Hembery revealed Pirelli has not been consulted about the potential changes but said it would be opposed to the move if it reaches the F1 Commission.

"It's disappointing because it was a substantial step forward this year," Hembery said. "There's no doubt about it that going testing in the warm weather and in-season testing for us has been extremely valuable and a substantial improvement over previous years.

"To then go to no testing, do I really need to comment? It's obviously not what we want."

And Hembery warned that Pirelli could be forced to be very conservative with its tyres next season if testing is banned due to an inability to change the tyres if required.

"If you can't do any work and any development work then clearly you can't change and improve. As long as you don't end up going in to a safety-related area - because the cars never stand still, the improvements you get year-to-year are normally quite substantial - that's something we'd have to review. It does risk that we go in to a situation where we simply can't provide a solution if a problem arises because we have no ability to test.

"[The proposal has] not been discussed with us. We've only really read what you guys have been writing, but the only thing we'd say is we feel what happened this year was extremely valuable, was a good balance between having a full program ourselves and being able to test on relevant cars in relevant conditions. It's been - from our point of view - the most valuable testing season that we've had in the time we've been in Formula One."


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