Having seen Daniel Ricciardo claim his first F1 win and help Red Bull ended Mercedes' monopoly on the top step of the podium in 2014, Christian Horner was in playful mood as he met with the media in Montreal.

With topics stretching from Ricciardo's performance to the future shape of the team following the announcement that designer Adrian Newey would be remaining on board but in a different role, Horner hinted at some interesting news to come from Milton Keynes later in the season.

"We're going to sit down in the summer and explain some of the projects we're looking at," he teased, "There's some exciting things in the pipeline for Adrian, for Red Bull and for the team."

Without giving much more away, the team principal went on clarify that Newey would still have a role to play in the F1 operation, including laying down the concept of next year's challenger, before turning his attention to the mystery programmes.

"He's fully focused on F1 this year," Horner confirmed, "[Beyond that] he's still going to be drawing, he's still going to be contributing, he's still going to be planning for the office in Milton Keynes, he's still going to be spending a percentage of his time focused on assisting the F1 teams, so it is great situation for the team for the future.

"He's committed to a long-term agreement with Red Bull, he's not retiring completely from F1, he's going to be mentoring and advising the team and we've got a great strength in depth. I think it's fantastic that were still going to have Adrian around, and access to him, [but] as the group continues to develop, it's exciting for Adrian to have other projects as well, so think the future's actually extremely bright."

Confirming that there was no plan to replace Newey with anyone specific, Horner also addressed speculation that the designer's new role may cause concern over four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel's commitment to the team.

"Sebastian is never going to tell you what the state of his contracts are, but he's enjoyed a great amount of success with the team," he said, "I have no doubt he'll be with the team for many years to come."



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