Lewis Hamilton says it is motivating for him and Mercedes to know that both have room for improvement this season.

Both Mercedes cars hit trouble in the Canadian Grand Prix, costing it a probable one-two finish as Hamilton retired and Nico Rosberg finished second. With the failure to finish being Hamilton's second of the season after he also dropped out in Australia, he said he is not worried about the growing gap and says he feels he has plenty of areas where he can get better as the year progresses.

"At the moment knowing that we have a lot of races ahead of us then it's not concerning me too much," Hamilton said. "If it was later on in the season and we were where we are then it would be a little bit different.

"In one sense it's comforting for me to know that I've done my optimum up until now, but there is still room for improvement, and as a team it is in some ways positive for us to know that we can still improve. If we were perfect then it wouldn't be fun for the rest of the year."

And Hamilton said the problems in Montreal will have strengthened the team rather than left it feeling vulnerable over a potential repeat.

"We definitely haven't lost any performance, we'll only have gained from that experience, as you do generally from all experiences like that regardless of if you lose points. You step back from it, a lot of work goes in to understanding the situation and then rectifying it, so if faced with another situation like that I think firstly we'll be able to handle it a lot better and secondly the car has been fixed so that it won't happen again."

With Daniel Ricciardo winning in Canada and this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix taking place at the Red Bull Ring, Hamilton said he didn't see the race as one that Red Bull can gain any advantage from.

"To be honest I come here and I'm not even focusing on them at all. I'm focusing on my own performance. It's strange because they say it's their home grand prix but it's not because their team is in the UK. So it doesn't feel like their home grand prix, of course they've got their name stamped on the front of it but also I grew up with the track knowing it as a different name."



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