Pastor Maldonado says more lenient stewarding over collisions between drivers will help improve the spectacle of F1.

Following a meeting of the F1 Commission on Wednesday, from the Austrian Grand Prix onwards the stewards will penalise drivers less for contact, having previously automatically investigated any incident where a collision was caused. Maldonado - who has previously said the stewards can be too eager to apportion blame in racing incidents - said the move would encourage drivers to race each other more.

"For sure we need to fight," Maldonado said. "Otherwise if you are not able to do anything it's even worse for the spectacle. For sure if you make a big mistake and you crash in to someone very hard or whatever ... but if you have race contact then there is no point to penalise anybody because the driver who is in front is always defending and the driver who is behind is always attacking. If he's quicker he will try at some point so they need to give us the opportunity to do our best.

"Even to intend to do our best and to get the position, and not only with the DRS or whatever. Because now we are only waiting for the DRS zone...

"If you touch with another driver - even if it's a stupid contact - you think 'now a penalty will come'."

Maldonado also said one of the main issues in his view has been a lack of consistency because the stewards change on a race-by-race basis.

"For sure I have nothing against the stewards, but in my personal opinion the consistency was not the best in terms of decisions. I know that it's not an easy thing to do because they are not in the car, they are looking at the problems from thousands of cameras, they have a lot of images, it's not easy to take a decision.

"They are not only one [steward], so they are a good group. I always respect the decision they take but in my opinion they have not been that consistent. Even looking at the last race incident between [Felipe] Massa and [Sergio] Perez. It's difficult to say, maybe it's 50:50 but I think Perez clearly moved and Massa was already taking the line so maybe Perez had slightly more than that.

"It's always difficult to say something because it's racing. Each driver is doing their best. It was the last lap as well, they were so close; it's very easy to do a mistake. Perez was protecting, the other one was attacking, they were so close and that's why they crashed."



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