Niki Lauda says Lewis Hamilton is "absolutely perfect in his head" and expects a strong response at the British Grand Prix.

Hamilton dropped 29 points behind Nico Rosberg in the drivers' championship by finishing second to his team-mate in Austria following an error in qualifying. Despite Hamilton's mistake, Lauda said he is in a very strong position mentally and is expecting that to be on display at Silverstone next weekend.

"I don't need to coach him at all," Lauda said. "I can tell you, I've known him for a long time and he's absolutely perfect in his head. There's nothing wrong, he's highly motivated and there's nothing in this respect at all.

"Even the qualifying mistake he said 'it was my mistake' and he made up for it right away in the race, so there is no worry about it at all.

"He knows he has to fight hard now and beat his own team-mate to make up for the points [difference]. Wait for Silverstone, I can guarantee he will be there."

And Lauda doesn't expect Hamilton to make more mistakes as he pushes to catch Rosberg, saying both drivers have been at 100% since the start of the season.

"They are pushing each other since day one in Melbourne all the way to today. They are pushing hard. There is no discussion about it and nothing happens. They do a perfect job. They are professionals, they don't hit each other and they pull the whole team forward so it can't be better."


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