Motorsport's governing body continues to tweak the F1 rulebook but, as with the contentious decision to award double points at the season finale in Abu Dhabi, its latest regulation change is sure to create much debate.

For years, the F1 field was allowed to regulate its own pace in the event of an accident, but the importation of US-inspired safety car control added another wrinkle to the sport's make-up - and altered its tactical outlook. Now, however, the FIA has decreed that, from next year, races will restart from a standing start following safety car periods.

The idea was first raised during an F1 Commission meeting last week, and the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) ratified the change in regulations during a meeting in Munich on Thursday. The only time standing restarts will not be used will be if the safety car is deployed in the opening two laps or within five laps of the finish of the race.

But does the imposition of standing starts further eat away at the very fabric of F1? Is it a change too far? Regardless of whether it was suggested by the teams themselves, what do the fans think?

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