Daniel Ricciardo has likened the engine deficit between Renault and Mercedes as like "throwing away talent".

Red Bull struggled in the Austrian Grand Prix as the difference between the Mercedes and Renault power units appeared even more pronounced than previously, leading team principal Christian Horner to slam Renault for "unacceptable" performance and reliability. While Ricciardo says it isn't his place to criticise his team's engine manufacturer, he admits it is a source of huge frustration for the drivers.

"Don't get me wrong, it is frustrating because it is hard because a lot of it happens on the straight and there is no skill required on the straight," Ricciardo said. "So it is throwing talent away for nothing. Don't get me wrong, anyone can hop in the car and if you are not scared to go 300km/h, you can easily go flat out on the straight - so it is giving away time for nothing which is the frustrating part.

"I guess from [Red Bull's] side, they spent time, hours, money, on designing a fast car through the corners yet it just gets washed away on the straights so that is the frustrating part, but it is what it is.

"I am still new to the team and I am not going to start throwing stuff around the room and say this isn't how it should be - there are other people to do that, I am just driving what I am given, but I have faith we can turn it around, this year is getting away from us but for 2015 I have faith things will definitely improve."

However, Ricciardo is expecting Red Bull to be more on the pace in the British Grand Prix this weekend once it has worked out why it was also struggling in the corners as well as on the straights in Austria.

"With other tracks we've been to this year, we've looked at some overlays and the high-speed stuff has been significantly stronger particularly compared to Williams in a lot of places but they were matching us pretty much in Austria.

"If we can get the car working as it should or as it has been previously then I think Silverstone can be good to us. Yes, Mercedes will still be strong - most likely the strongest - but I think if we get our stuff together we will be a solid second-place team."



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