Fernando Alonso has admitted that he doesn't think it will be possible for the Scuderia to win a race this season.

Alonso has managed just one podium so far in F1 2014 - when he was third in China - and when asked about his prospects of sneaking a victory, the Spaniard was pessimistic about his chances.

"If I am honest with you I will say no, it is not possible to win this year. Inside that is what I think," he told reporters, including Crash.net, ahead of this weekend's British Grand Prix.

"But I thought that in 2011 [too], that it was not possible to win a race, and we won here at Silverstone. So, anything can happen.

"We will try to do the best we can and if one opportunity arrives we will take it and win a race.

"But it is extremely difficult, I think, with the performance we are showing and the development we will have to have with this year's car to be able to win a race."

As for what he and the team needs to do now for next year in order to ensure they come out fighting and can challenge for the titles in 2015, Alonso said there are three things they 'must do'.

"One is we must score [more] points this year. If we don't score [more] points this year and we finish sixth or seventh in the Constructors' Championship that will hurt the team for next year because of the economic prize," he explained.

"Second is to test this year, especially on Friday's, parts for next year's car that could be experimental and we need to learn about those.

"Third is to work very close with the team at Maranello. I go on Sunday night to Maranello and spend all week in the simulator. There is no time now to relax, there is time to work.

"These are the things we need and the things from my side [that I need] probably are the teams respect and to deliver."

"Definitely we need to have the maximum effort, the maximum concentration and the maximum teamwork to improve the car for next year," he added.



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