Nico Rosberg says he was very confident he would have won the British Grand Prix if he hadn't have had a gearbox problem.

Lewis Hamilton was closing Rosberg down when the lead Mercedes hit trouble and eventually retired from the race on lap 29. With Hamilton going on to an easy victory, asked if he had any doubts that he would have won the race without his problem, Rosberg replied: "I'm very confident that I would have won the race, yeah."

But Rosberg then conceded that he had written off his chances of victory when the problem worsened and was just hoping to finish the race.

"There was one thing already before the start or just after it which was weird and then after that it sort of got worse and worse from lap 20 onwards. It went in to neutral on some occasions so I had to pull the clutch and go again, and then it got worse and worse.

"I got in to the place where my mentality changed and I thought 'OK, let's stop racing Lewis and let's just try to get this thing to the end somehow'. Because I had such a pace advantage I can do some pretty radical things to try to keep this gearbox alive, but since it was mechanical there really wasn't anything that could be done in our opinion."

When it was put to Rosberg that he still leads the championship heading to Hockenheim, he admitted he would start looking for positives in order to maintain momentum.

"Yeah, true. It's difficult to find so many good feelings today but as of tomorrow I will try and look for them again! Yes, there is that fact that I am in the lead of the championship going in to my home race and that's a good thing."


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