Pedro de la Rosa says the reduction in testing makes him "feel like I'm an inferiority" when he gets in a Ferrari F1 car.

Ferrari ran de la Rosa on the opening day of the in-season test at Silverstone, which marked the first time he has driven the F14 T on track. Silverstone was the third of four in-season tests this year but that will be reduced to two in 2015 and de la Rosa said the lack of track time for drivers away from race weekends is damaging the sport.

"It's just a disappointment generally for drivers," de la Rosa said when asked by about the reduction in testing. "Generally you just question yourself if this is going in the right direction. I'm at Maranello many days every week, I come out of Maranello after being in the simulator for two days and I see a nice track that is empty with no cars called Fiorano. For me it's a bit strange.

"I just miss it. I just miss it because like [at Silverstone] for example I need to perform. Thank God we have the simulator to train you a bit but it's nothing like the real car. I feel like a tennis player if a tennis player could not train every day and then suddenly you are thrown in to the final of Wimbledon against Djokovic; how would you feel? I feel a bit like that. I feel like I'm an inferiority because the other guys are racing every two weeks and I am not."

And de la Rosa said it wasn't just him that the testing restrictions hurt but also young drivers who need track time early in their careers.

"I feel a bit sad about this because the bottom line is all this will make drivers like me disappear and if drivers like me disappear it means that also youngsters will not arrive. So don't get me wrong, I think that at least a bit of agreed testing between all the teams would be good for the sport."


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