McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says the team is using the 2014 car as "a laboratory" for next year's Honda-powered design.

Honda will return to F1 with as an engine supplier to McLaren in 2015 as the team switches from its current Mercedes power unit. Despite such a change under the bodywork, Boullier says it doesn't require a complete redesign of the car to incorporate a new engine and a lot of work that the team is doing this year will be carrying over on to next season's car.

"If you remember the regulation the pick-up points are the same for the chassis and the gearbox actually," Boullier said. "So we are developing the car and we are going to keep developing the car for a long time actually.

"Most of the upgrades on this car will be carrying over to next year's car. So that is why we are using this car as let's say a laboratory for next year."

And Boullier revealed that the biggest updates to the current MP4-29 would be seen in the three races after the mid-season break.

"Spa we have a significant upgrade, and then another one in Singapore."



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