Adrian Sutil believes the best young drivers could be missing out on F1 as a result of the current testing restrictions.

The new regulations for 2014 led to three pre-season tests being followed by four two-day in-season tests in the days following a grand prix. However, the number of test days will again be reduced next season and Sutil believes the pressure that rookies are then put under during any running they get can cost them a chance of earning a race seat.

"Now you have one chance and you have to deliver without even practice," Sutil said. "Especially for a rookie I don't think it's the right way. Sometimes I don't think you really have the strongest driver at the moment there where they should be, because sometimes you do one mistake and that's it, no other chance.

"Maybe you just had a wrong day, it's very hard to know where you are because one little mistake and that's the measurement for everyone. Maybe the next day you do it completely different and you're so much faster, but there's just no time for it."

And Sutil said even experienced drivers are having their reputations damaged if they make a mistake due to not being 100% comfortable in the car.

"I still enjoy it. There are changes over the years and some you like and some you don't like, but from a driver's point of view you're always most happy when you drive and when you can test and you know the car really well.

"It's quite difficult in F1 right now, especially after the winter tests when you had three or four days with these kind of cars and then you have to deliver. It's very difficult, and then you make mistakes in the race and then you are not good enough. So it's a tricky situation; it would be nice to drive more."


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