Rob Smedley says part of Williams' recent success is a result of developing its car quicker than at the start of the season.

Since joining the team as head of vehicle performance in April, Smedley said his focus was identifying places where Williams needs to improve quickly and where it can wait to progress. Having prioritised certain areas, Smedley says car development has increased in terms of speed and the team is also making the most of the car's potential more often.

"I think we're probably developing the car a little bit quicker," Smedley said. "Getting parts to the car and testing methodology has improved and all of that is helping us to keep pace with the others if not get in front of the others at times.

"In terms of the operations group and in terms of how we operate at the track - not only in racing but in testing as well - then I think we are making what I would term as steady progress. There's big areas that we've looked in to and we're targeting and we have a certain structure that we're working to. That's evolving and we're improving it all the time."

And Smedley still sees plenty of room for progress but concedes some big changes require more time to be implemented.

"Of course there's big performance items which you look towards and they have a longer lead time and you think 'I can't have those for the next race or even maybe this year' and there's also the whole operations group and the way we work. Some of it you can solve in ten minutes and some of it you need a lot longer, but it's a constant juggling act to be honest trying to constantly improve."



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