Kimi Raikkonen says the current Ferrari car is "not a disaster" and will provide a good base to work from for the rest of the season and 2015.

After such a dramatic regulation change ahead of the new season, there are only minimal differences in the technical regulations for next year which means teams can carry over concepts from the current cars. Raikkonen has already been working on Ferrari's 2015 car and says the team has no huge weaknesses to address but needs to make progress in every area.

"It's not a disaster, that's for sure," Raikkonen said. "Otherwise there would not be the results that the team has achieved so far. Obviously we know the areas where we have to work and it's a bit everywhere; we are not really bad anywhere but we are not fantastic either anywhere.

"So it's kind of a bit everywhere. It's a reliable car, in some places it works better and in some conditions it's better but we have a lot of places where we know that if we can improve those then it can make a big, big difference and improve the whole thing a lot."

While Raikkonen knows he has to be patient for the car to improve he says he is encouraged by the changes he has seen implemented by technical director James Allison this year.

"We know the issues but like I said, things are not easy to change in Formula One or improve things. Even if you can pinpoint the issue that you have it's very tricky to suddenly come up with a fix otherwise it would be easy and nobody would have any issues. That's a fact and that's how it goes.

"We have some very good people - starting with James Allison at the factory - and I think they've been putting people in the right areas and organisation to make a difference. I'm sure in the future it will pay off big time."



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