Romain Grosjean says the current mid-season break is the perfect time for him to consider his future.

After an impressive second half of 2013, Grosjean has been frustrated so far this year as Lotus has struggled to be competitive due to a late launch of its car and the deficit of the Renault power unit at many circuits. With a move away from Lotus a possibility, Grosjean said he will use the time between the Hungarian and Belgian grands prix to think seriously about next season.

"I think it's always in the back of your mind," Grosjean said. "I want to win races in the near future and we are working on that. Of course you think about your future ... it's going to certainly be in the summer break."

When asked why Maldonado has signed a new deal but he has yet to, Grosjean replied: "Because options are open for the future and we will see what is the best to win races."

With Lotus switching to Mercedes power units in 2015, Grosjean said better engine performance "will help the choice, but it wouldn't make the final call".

"I am 99.99% confident that the team is going to be better next year, not even speaking about the engine because it has been a transition year. It has been difficult and we were starting on the back foot and next year everything's going to be in even better shape. So even removing any power unit questions it's going to be better."



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