Adrian Sutil believes Sauber's progress this season is being hampered by a lack of track time for its race drivers.

With the team having had financial difficulties, reserve driver Giedo van der Garde - who brings significant sponsorship - has taken part in a number of Friday practice sessions as well as the in-season tests in Bahrain, Spain and Britain. Sutil says that he understands why the team has to allow reserve drivers time in the car but feels the downside is a lack of consistent feedback about car development.

"I wish sometimes to be more in the car, of course," Sutil said. "Just in Silverstone I had my first test day; in all the other ones someone else drove it. The information is sometimes a bit wrong that you get or you can't really use it much because they had no reference really and this can guide you in the wrong direction.

"So it would be good to have the tests more for the race drivers but we have to balance the situation out. For sure in a perfect situation with enough money we wouldn't do it, so this is just because of that reason and the way we do it I think is still a good compromise."

And Sutil also believes there should be more testing in the sport for all drivers, describing how little time in the car drivers actually spend as "weird".

"It would be nice, sometimes I think we're definitely not driving enough. Just from race-to-race we have a set of soft, a set of hard and that's it. Then we go to qualifying, do a few more laps and that's it. It would be nice to just drive a little bit more but also with the tyres we have this problem that they last only one lap. It would be much nicer to have a tyre that is stronger and lasts longer.

"We spend more time in the simulator - well not me because we don't even have one - so I spend some time on my Playstation! This is what I get paid half of my time, so it's a bit weird. We should drive more again."



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