Williams head of vehicle performance Rob Smedley says he takes no added satisfaction from fighting with Ferrari for third place in the constructors' championship.

Smedley followed Felipe Massa in joining Williams from Ferrari over the winter, taking on a more senior position than that of race engineer which he had held at Maranello. With Williams trailing Ferrari by just 10 points in the constructors' championship, Smedley told Crash.net during an exclusive interview that it isn't a personal battle in his eyes.

"I don't know whether it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to be honest, just because it's Ferrari that we're currently fighting closely with in the championship," Smedley said. "I think it gives me an element of satisfaction every step that we make; whether that's Ferrari, whether it's Sauber or Red Bull or Toro Rosso, it really makes no difference to me. Absolutely none whatsoever.

"I'm just happy that the team is progressing. That's my main aim and focus and I think that's the greatest thing about Williams. I was actually discussing this with Pat [Symonds] before the break and I said 'One of the great things we have at this team - and it's so difficult to find this - is that there's no egos'. There's nobody with their own personal agenda. Maybe it's because it's a family-run business but the absolute focus for everybody is the business, the team, Williams Grand Prix Engineering, Williams Formula One. That's the focus for everybody.

"I think that synergy that we have between the people and the common purpose and the common goal to be involved in something from the start I think really, really helps. As long as we're moving forwards, ultimately that's what we need to do and I'm happy."



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