Kimi Raikkonen says getting stuck behind the Williams cars in the Singapore Grand Prix was "f***ing up my tyres".

After a strong start, Raikkonen was running in fifth place behind Daniel Ricciardo until the first round of pit stops when he was jumped by Felipe Massa. From that point on he lost touch with the leading four cars as he was unable to pass Massa and later dropped behind Valtteri Bottas, being backed in to a train of cars and eventually finished eighth.

"Most of the race I got stuck behind the Williams," Raikkonen said. "It was mainly Massa but then in the end with Bottas. I think we had a bit more speed than them but obviously you can't get past and then just driving behind it seems to affect us a lot. We even noticed in the past races that when you get close you lose all the downforce at the rear and you just destroy your tyres.

"First of all you can't get close enough at the faster places to try to attack and then it ruins your tyres. I just kept following the Williams the whole race - first [Massa] and then the other one - just f***ing up my tyres so that was quite disappointing."

And Raikkonen said the speed advantage that Williams enjoys in a straight line over Ferrari made it even tougher for him to try and pass on track.

"It's hard to overtake them. I got close to them a few times but coming out of the faster corners I just lost the grip. If you don't get the proper jump on them you will never pass them in a straight line. It's a strong point of their car and here when you only have a few places to overtake it's very hard to get past them."



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