A telemetry ban would be a "step backwards" for Formula 1, Lotus technical director Nick Chester has warned.

The FIA made moves to strictly enforce Article 20.1 of the sporting regulations - "The driver must drive the car alone and unaided" - prior to the Singapore Grand Prix with a clampdown on radio communications.

Although that ban was subsequently relaxed following a meeting with team members ahead of the race, with the implementation of much of it delayed until 2015, the FIA remains determined to push ahead with it, with a potential ban on telemetry also possible. Chester, however, does not think the FIA will go that far and doesn't think telemetry will also be outlawed.

"I think telemetry won't be banned; it would be tricky to know if for example the car has a puncture or something is about to fail," he explained.

"You would have no way of telling if the car is safe or not. To make that move would be a step backwards.

"In terms of the radio communications changes [though] we will have to adapt to the FIA guidelines."

That will result in changes to the steering wheel used by the Lotus drivers, with the team set to adopt a large display version for F1 2015.

"You can get a lot more information to the driver with a large display and that's very helpful with complicated cars. The downside is that the wheel will be heavier, which is one of the considerations for staying with the smaller display [this year]. Next year we will likely go for a larger display steering wheel.

"You would be at a disadvantage if you stayed with the smaller display with the radio communications changes planned for 2015," he added.



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