Kimi Raikkonen says he would welcome having Sebastian Vettel as his new team-mate at Ferrari.

Vettel announced on Saturday that he will be leaving Red Bull at the end of the season, with the four-time world champion set to replace Fernando Alonso at Ferrari. Asked if having Vettel as his team-mate is a situation that he would be happy with, Raikkonen replied: "Yeah, for sure.

"Obviously I've never worked with him, we've been in different teams always but I know him probably best out of any of the others and we'll see what happens in the future. I read the same stuff and hear the same stuff so for me it's no issue."

And Raikkonen said Vettel is likely to come in to a much stronger team in 2015, feeling Ferrari is set to make good progress.

"I have a big belief that we should be in a much, much better position at the start of next year. Obviously we will know more once we get the car on the circuit, but we made progress this year. If you compare where we started this has been pretty good progress. We still have some difficulties to get where we want to be but I have pretty good belief that we can sort out those things for next year.

"We have a great group of people and I believe in those guys, what they have done chasing those things to make sure we're doing the right things for the future. I think we have all the people, all the tools, the factory, all the guys behind it to be able to be in the front where we should be. That's the only goal."

And Raikkonen said he is prepared to work hard as part of a long-term project to bring success back to Ferrari.

"I was here before, I won the championship, I won the constructors' championship twice. I went away, I came back only because I wanted to come back and not because of someone forcing me to be here. It was my choice, if I wasn't in to the whole thing I wouldn't be sitting here. I can stop whenever I want. I can walk away today, or tomorrow or in ten years.

"It's purely because I want to be involved, I want to do the best that we can to improve and get the team back where it should be; where we were the first time I was here. Obviously it takes time and hopefully it will happen sooner than later."

Asked explicitly if he would be driving for Ferrari next season, Raikkonen replied: "I have a contract, that's what I expect to happen."


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