Adrian Sutil feels the FIA should have deployed the safety car when his Sauber was being recovered before Jules Bianchi's accident.

Bianchi hit a mobile crane which was recovering Sutil's car having gone off at the same place with rain falling at Suzuka. Bianchi has been taken to hospital, with the FIA confirming he was unconscious. Sutil - who witnessed the incident - said the safety car should have been deployed and the race potentially stopped earlier.

"The yellow flags were out, I had aquaplaning at this corner, it's a tricky one and the rain got more and more and visibility less and less," Sutil said. "One lap later with waved yellow flags Jules came around and had the same spin there and that was it. It was more or less the same crash but the outcome was a bit different.

"In respect of this corner, I think everyone knows that this corner is one of the most tricky ones. When it's getting late and the rain increases, if you have an accident there you should probably think about a safety car. It's a tricky condition today anyway and I think it was not easy to make the right decision absolutely at the right moment but at the beginning of the race we managed it quite well.

"When the safety car came in the visibility was OK, the track was OK to drive but it just got a bit dark in the end and maybe we should have stopped the race a bit earlier."

And Sutil said he felt the race could have been held earlier in the day but drivers were not consulted as to their thoughts on the matter.

"Yes, for sure. I think they spoke about it. We weren't asked about our opinion so there's nothing really I can say but it was very clear that it got more wet the whole day through and it would have been I think quite easy to make the race a bit easier. But as I said it's not in my hands."



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