Sergey Sirotkin feels he is 'ready' for an F1 race drive in 2015 after an encouraging maiden FP1 run with Sauber during the Russian Grand Prix.

The local driver was given his first chance to get behind the wheel of the Sauber C33 during an FP1 session in place of Esteban Gutierrez, Sirotkin finishing just 0.4secs behind regular driver Adrian Sutil in 17th overall.

Having been linked to a drive with Sauber in 2015 on the back of potential investment in the team from his native Russia, Sirotkin says he is prepared to progress into a race seat next season should he get the chance, but admits there is no word of when he will next be in the car.

"Definitely [I feel ready]," he said. "I felt it after Bahrain as well, but that wasn't really a proper run. Here is a much better chance to compare and I would say it was a bit of a surprise to me that it was easier and I was closer than I thought. I feel myself more than ready, I just need the chance."

"We are working on that and getting a seat for next year. We are working so that as soon as we get a decision we can think about some extra options. At the moment I can't say anything officially.

Ahead of this weekend's inaugural F1 race in Sochi, Sirotkin says the event is further proof of the growing interest in motorsport within Russia.

"Motorsport in Russia is progressing quite well and just this weekend we have made a big step forward. It helps to attract the people and to make them interested in motor racing. It's a positive any way you look at it."



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