Bernie Ecclestone says he is in talks with Las Vegas about hosting a grand prix on The Strip.

Ecclestone has made no secret of his desire to see more F1 races in the United States, with a recent attempt to host a race in New Jersey falling by the wayside. However, he now says he has held discussions about a grand prix in Las Vegas.

"Vegas say they are ready to go and it would be on The Strip for sure," Ecclestone told Christian Sylt, published in The Independent.

However, Ecclestone admits there is no guarantee of a race coming to fruition following the failings in New Jersey.

"In the end there's a million countries that would like to have an F1 race but they can't afford it."

The Mexican Grand Prix is set to join the calendar in 2015, seeing the current number of races reach 20. And Ecclestone expects a record calendar the following year when a race in Azerbaijan is also added.

"It is more likely that it will go over 20 with Baku than we lose a race," he said.


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