Force India deputy team principal Bob Fernley says a boycott of the United States Grand Prix is a real possibility.

Following a report on Friday evening that Force India, Lotus and Sauber were considering boycotting Sunday's race, Lotus team principal Gerard Lopez denied that it was an option. However, Fernley said ahead of qualifying that discussions are ongoing about the potential for teams to skip the race in protest at the unequal distribution of F1's revenues after Marussia and Caterham entered administration.

"That's something that would have to be discussed with the team owners, but certainly there are discussions going on," Fernley told Sky Sports when asked about the potential of a boycott.

"The most important thing is to draw to the attention of the commercial rights holder and the five teams; we've lost two teams and that's through the poor management really of Formula One and it's unnecessary to have done that. It now threatens the integrity of Formula One as we know it as a constructor's platform.

"We're going to have to substitute that with either customer cars or three cars and we don't know what those alternatives are and we have no idea whatsoever of the implications of that or how it's going to be run. But it's inevitable that it's going to have to happen."

Fernley insisted a boycott is not the solution that Force India wants to see, but is eager for Bernie Ecclestone and the five teams in the Strategy Group - Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Williams, with Lotus discounted as it will drop out of the group next year - to pay attention to the plight of the others.

"This is a programme run by the commercial rights holder and the five empowered and enriched teams which are governing Formula One. Force India and other teams have no say and absolutely no knowledge of what is going on, and that is the problem.

"We don't want to see Formula One damaged but we also have to remember the damage done to those teams, and that is an important consideration. We are taking the stance that we are because we don't know, nobody has communicated with us, and it's very frustrating."


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