Sebastian Vettel says Red Bull has gone for "a bit racy" setup in order to help him fight through the field in the United States Grand Prix.

After taking a complete new power unit for this weekend the regulations state Vettel will have to start from the pit lane in Austin. With that penalty already having been handed out, Vettel used practice to try and prepare his car for the race and has gone for low drag wings to try and aid his top speed and allow him to overtake.

"We've got to try something," Vettel said. "We know that on the straights it's tough for us so we decided to go a bit racy."

However, Vettel admitted that has left him with some question marks over the ultimate race pace of his car.

"It's difficult to say [how competitive]. I think it's not too bad, depending a little bit on the conditions which look alright now. For us, to do with qualifying I think in the race tomorrow I think we can move up, but it's very tight. It will be difficult to overtake; we don't have the ideal straight line speed but hopefully we can get some points tomorrow."

Asked if he is hoping for a fun climb in to the top ten, Vettel replied: "That's the plan, so we'll see.

"I think race pace on our own looked alright this morning and yesterday. Obviously passing people is a different story but hopefully we can get some points."



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