Lewis Hamilton says he will "leave no stone unturned" in order to try and convert his 24-point championship lead in to a second world title.

On every other occasion that he has been in a championship battle, Hamilton has been fighting drivers from different teams. However, this year only team-mate Nico Rosberg can deny him the championship and two second places in the final two grands prix will be enough for Hamilton. Following his win in Austin - his fifth in a row - Hamilton said he feels better prepared for the title decider coming up in Abu Dhabi and will not be leaving anything to chance.

"I'm definitely in a different place to where I was back then," Hamilton said. "I think part of that is just experience, getting older and having those experiences of winning and losing, I feel that I understand the processes that I need. There's no real special recipe or anything like that, I'm just going to work my arse off for these next two races and try to improve.

"There's stuff that I can still take out of [Austin]. It's not just a win, there's a lot of things I can take out of it in terms of how I drove, the things that I should have done perhaps for qualifying that I didn't pick up on which were visible from previous years, stuff like that. So I'll make sure I pick up on that for the next one.

"It's just about always trying to make sure that you leave no stone unturned so that after the race you can say you did everything you could."

And Hamilton says he's trying to ignore thoughts about potentially losing a more than 25-point lead due to the double points on offer in Abu Dhabi.

"It's just something that you can't be thinking about. It's a fact that it's a possibility, and that's not something that I'm willing to accept so I'll be working as hard as I can. The approach to the next race is that I want to win the next race. I want to get as many points as I can. It's not something I can be thinking of, if this happens in the future. If you live your life with 'What if?' then maybe you won't achieve what you set out to achieve."



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