Felipe Massa says Williams is still changing and evolving and he believes the team has the potential to be fighting for regular wins and even the championship in 2015.

Massa took his first podium of the season back in Italy in September and while he was beaten to third in the USA last weekend by Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo, he has been greatly encouraged by the way the Grove squad has stepped up since he joined from Ferrari at the end of last season.

"You cannot forget how much we grow from the first race until now," he told reporters ahead of his home race this weekend in Brazil.

"I think maybe... I would say it was the team that grows the most during the championship. It was a team that gets better, that improved the car from the first race to the last race [in the USA], looking at where we started and where we are now.

"So, I think definitely the team... when we started at the first test and where we are now, the team changed completely the organisation, the mentality. We are still changing [too] - there are still some improvements and we are working to be there before the first race of next year.

"I really believe in this team. I think this team has everything to be even more competitive, it has everything to be fighting for victories and I really, really hope for championships as well."

As for this weekend, Massa is keen to do as well as he can in front of his home crowd.

"It is a track that I have had great results at. Two victories - almost three I would say. Three pole positions [as well]. I always love this track," he continued.

"I won many races [here] even before F1. So I started my career here, on the other side of the wall, which is a go-kart track, at the top. I love this place. I love the energy that I feel here and I'm really looking forward to having a fantastic weekend.

"I hope our car can be as competitive as shown in the other tracks here as well. We will see how far we can be, or maybe even in the middle of these guys here on the left [Mercedes]. [We will be] trying to get all the opportunities to have a great race here.

"I really believe that we can still do a great two races for the end of the championship and I'm really working and looking forward to having a very consistent and good season in 2015."



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