Dani Juncadella described his accident in first practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix as "the weirdest crash I've ever had".

Having already had a spin at Turn 6, Juncadella crashed a few corners further round when he went straight in to the barrier at Turn 8, damaging the front of the car and bringing out the red flags. Speaking after the session, Juncadella said he was disappointed to damage Sergio Perez's car and conceded he was "way too optimistic" in attacking that corner.

"It's really a shame when you end the session like this, especially on a race weekend because the main thing is that Checo has his car ready and that's not what you want," Juncadella said. "But I think it was the weirdest crash I've ever had because I really didn't expect it. It was really unexpected because the track today was not difficult but I would say weird to manage. With the new asphalt there was only one line.

"Going through the ideal line where the grip was and it was getting better every lap but on that lap I just went a bit wider on the kerb. I thought I could use it, I was watching the videos from past years and drivers were going there and there was no problem, but obviously today nobody went there. I was the first to try it and was way too optimistic and from there you have the wall in front, if you have a moment and don't catch it you just go straight. From that point I saw that I was going straight in the wall. It's a shame."

And Juncadella said his main concern is whether Force India can get the car ready quickly enough to allow Perez to run in FP2 this afternoon.

"Obviously the team is trying to work really, really hard to get the car ready for Checo because that's the main thing. As soon as I felt I was going to crash I tried to crash as straight as possible. Like this you can only damage the front wing, obviously at one point I thought I would lose it completely and would crash with the rear and then pretty much the day is over.

"So I tried to do my best with that but obviously with these cars when you crash in such a small place - when you don't have a lot of room to go off - it's obviously hard but only the front and front left was damaged like you can see in the images. Hopefully we can get that ready."



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