Lewis Hamilton described the fight for pole position at the Brazilian Grand Prix as "great fun" despite losing out to team-mate Nico Rosberg.

Rosberg will start from pole for the tenth time this season, with Hamilton alongside him having traded fastest times on the final laps, with Rosberg coming out on top by 0.033s. However, Hamilton said the session was "really exciting" and says he will not settle for second in the race despite knowing two second places would guarantee him the drivers' title.

"We were just talking about qualifying, it was great fun," Hamilton said. "Nico did a great lap and I lost a bit of time in Turn 10 and perhaps a tiny bit in Turn 1. But it was great, just having to keep on going out and trying, that's what qualifying is all about and should always be that kind of gap, that close. So it was really exciting and I hope a lot of people enjoyed that.

"Of course pole position is the best place to start here but it's a long race tomorrow. It should be quite exciting with all the pit stops and the weather, we don't really know. I really want to win just like anyone else here, so I will work as hard as I can tomorrow and I hope we get to have a race at least."

Having only finished on the podium at Interlagos once in his F1 career so far, Hamilton said he wasn't paying attention to past form.

"I've not really thought too much about the past, as I said I'm here to win. So I'm going to try and get off the line as quickly as possible tomorrow. It's a short run to Turn 1 and Turn 2. It's a long race - 71 laps here - so there should be two or three stops and lots going on in the race. I'm genuinely excited, it's not the only opportunity at the start. As I said, like all the races I just hope we can race at least."

When asked if second place would be considered a good result, Hamilton reiterated that it isn't his target but is wary that Rosberg may not be the only threat in the race.

"I would repeat again that I'm here to win. The target is always to win the race, so no thoughts on top of that. I want the team to have another one-two, which is going to be a fight, Williams is very close so it's going to be a big battle tomorrow."



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