Kimi Raikkonen says his Ferrari is "a bit on the edge all the time" as he was only able to qualify ninth for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

After the Red Bulls were excluded, Raikkonen will start the race from seventh ahead of team-mate Fernando Alonso in eighth. However, speaking immediately after qualifying Raikkonen said his car was inconsistent which made it difficult to drive, adding that the team is limited on how to solve the issues.

"It was a bit better in qualifying than in the final practice but it's still difficult," Raikkonen said. "It feels fine in one place and then the rear is a bit loose in odd places and sometimes a bit tricky with the front end and it keeps changing from corner to corner. It's a bit on edge all the time, so not ideal. Not exactly what you want but it's what it is.

"We know where the issues are and obviously I'm pretty sure next year we'll have a much stronger package overall and then you get rid of many issues. We are kind of stuck in an area where you try to fix certain things with the set-up but then you create another problem. It's a bit like you fix one but take another issue with it. We'll see how we can do tomorrow, hopefully we can have a strong race and we will try to do our best."

Asked if beating Alonso in qualifying was any satisfaction after being outqualified in the last 13 races, Raikkonen said the actual grid positions make it redundant.

"Not really when we're fighting around ninth, tenth position, eighth position. In my mind, no, because it's not where we want to be and where we should be. When you are in the front fighting there in the top positions then yes it's more nice. Obviously people outside look but for me it doesn't really make a difference."



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