Lewis Hamilton says he is "definitely not finished" after securing his second drivers' championship at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Having won his first title in 2008, Hamilton had to wait six years to add to his tally as Jenson Button's 2009 win was followed by a period of dominance for Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull. Speaking on Monday morning following his success in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton said the long wait had made the second championship feel like his first and has left him determined to try and win more titles.

"You just have to really take it one step at a time," Hamilton said. "Winning one championship was exceptional, it was my dream and you can never be not satisfied with that. You never know when you're really going to get another one; not everyone gets to work with such great teams and have the opportunity to have a great car and dominate the way we've dominated this year.

"So I've very much embraced that it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope there's more of those for us. The second one many years after, it feels like it's the first. I feel like I'm having the first experience, even though it is the second, it does feel like the first.

"Of course I'm going to push as hard as I can. I'm grateful that I generally feel great, I'm still young, still have got a lot to learn, still a lot to improve on and I'm definitely not finished. I'm going to come back stronger."

And Hamilton said the culmination of a lot of work led him to rank his second world championship as even more special than the first.

"Obviously the first one was exceptional, it was an incredible feeling achieving your lifelong goal of getting to Formula One and winning the world championship. It was great. I don't know if I was in the place to really embrace it and absorb it in the way that I am today. Of course, being a part of this team it's definitely a more satisfying feeling winning the championship with this team, with a young team that worked so hard to get to where we are and a to be a part of that journey is something very, very special.

"The atmosphere in the team, I was boosted seeing the guys at the factory, seeing how much work has gone on with our partners, with Petronas, with all the guys back at the factory working back at Brackley and Brixworth putting this unit together. Seeing the progress and seeing the efforts that have gone in.

"And then I guess just being in a different stage of my life. I don't know, maybe it just feels sweeter being a bit older, I don't know. But it's very, very special and very much a humbling experience."



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