The controversial double points rule will be dropped in 2015 while standing restarts will also not be adopted, the FIA has confirmed.

This year's F1 finale in Abu Dhabi was worth double points, with the move intended to try and prolong the championship battle until the last race of the season. However, the rule received a negative reaction and after a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council [WMSC] the FIA confirmed it will be dropped next year.

Also dropped was the provision for standing restarts after safety car periods, which had originally been planned for introduction next year. The FIA says it reached the conclusion to scrap the standing restarts idea "after consultation with the Teams who raised a number of safety concerns".

There is also a further tweak to safety car restarts, in order to prevent long delays waiting for lapped cars to rejoin the pack. Once the last lapped car has passed the leader, the safety car will pit at the end of the following lap to restart the race as quickly as possible.



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