Christian Horner says Red Bull and Renault will be better prepared for the 2015 F1 season because it knows the advantage that Mercedes holds.

Having won the drivers' and constructors' championships for four consecutive years, Red Bull was unable to defend its titles in the face of a dominant Mercedes team this year. Speaking during an exclusive interview with, Horner admitted the engine deficit had been bigger than expected but says Red Bull has a clearer target of what it is chasing this winter.

"I think at least we know what we've got to achieve," Horner said. "Last year there were rumours that Mercedes had all this horsepower, we knew they were likely to produce a good engine, I don't think we realised the magnitude of gap between the two engines that there would be. But I really think that going in to this winter we know what the deficit is, we know what we've got to close down and that's a very straightforward target."

With Honda the biggest unknown as it returns to the sport with a new power unit for McLaren next season, Horner said Red Bull and Renault can't afford to be distracted by what Honda might produce.

"I think it's a loss of energy to be worrying about other people's issues. All my focus is sorting our issues out. We do the best we can and the great thing about this sport is every two weeks you know whether it is good enough or not.

"We've got confidence in ourselves, we've got confidence in Renault that they will address the issues that they've experienced this year and I think that rather than worrying about others we're better focusing on our own issues and trying to catch the Mercedes."


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