Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne says both the team and Sebastian Vettel have taken a "big gamble" to try and achieve success together.

Vettel joined Ferrari after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix following a disappointing final season with Red Bull where he won four consecutive drivers' championships. Speaking during Ferrari's annual Christmas press briefing, Marchionne said Vettel would be aware of the challenges that are ahead of the team but insisted there was risk involved for both parties.

"I don't think he's na?ve, he knows our level of performance but this is the power of Ferrari: it manages to attract people even just based on its potential," Marchionne said. "Our job for 2015 is to set this potential free. Vettel's big gamble is ours too, to reconstruct the team and to make it grow. The work we have undertaken alongside Maurizio is to give guarantees to this team, to bring about clear decisions and to have faith in the people who make up the team."

And new team principal Maurizio Arrivabene said Vettel would provide fresh impetus to the team and hopes he and Kimi Raikkonen will be able to maintain their friendship off the track.

"Vettel brings with him the experience of winning, he has his four world titles and the enthusiasm to work together," Arrivabene said. "He certainly wants to make the Scuderia grow alongside us. Having said that, even though drivers may be luxury employees they are still employees and they must work together with others.

"I think Sebastian is well equipped for the job that awaits him. He gets on very well with Kimi and this is a positive element, even if I hope that they won't get on quite so well on the track, because the rule must remain that your team-mate is your main opponent."


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