Renault Sport F1 head of track operations Remi Taffin says calls to change the engine regulations overlook the fact that costs will drop over the coming years.

Caterham and Marussia both went in to administration during 2014, and with a number of other teams struggling financially the cost of the new V6 turbo power units was blamed as the primary cause. As a result, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has been vocal in calling for a change in engine regulations, as has Bernie Ecclestone.

However, Taffin disagrees that the price of the current power units will remain so high. When asked if the cheapest way forward was to stick with the V6 engine regulations in the expectation of costs reducing over time, Taffin replied: "That's what is going to happen, it's inevitable.

"The regulations are made for this. I think the criticism is not about the regulations over the next six or seven years, it's the current cost. Everyone is looking at a window which is not the right size, so this regulation has been set for that long and we are looking at the first year which is obviously the most expensive year."



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