The quieter V6 power units are attracting "a new breed of fanbase" according to one of the race organisers.

Razlan Razali - who heads up the Sepang circuit which hosts the Malaysian Grand Prix - admits that he was not a fan of the new power units when they raced in Malaysia for the first time early last year. Razali admits he had concerns based on what had been said during testing and at the Australian Grand Prix, and while he was not happy with the sound at the time he believes the quieter engines make the event better for some fans.

"We were concerned after the feedback from Australia," Razali told Reuters. "Very concerned. When it finally came to Malaysia, I didn't like it. It was simply too quiet. But what I noticed in the grandstands is that you get families with kids watching and enjoying Formula One better.

"I can remember in the past where a dad would put headphones on the kid and hold it. Or a kid would be too scared and start crying, wanting to go home. I think it attracts a new breed of fanbase now. And that's what you want."

The V6 turbo power units also brought Honda back in to F1, although it feels the 2015 regulations will put it at a disadvantage as a new manufacturer.



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