Honda will be permitted to develop its new F1 engine during the 2015 Formula 1 season after winning its fight with the FIA over concessions available to its rivals.

A loophole in the regulations allowed Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault a degree of flexibility when it came to in-season alterations to its engines, unlike in 2014 when they were bound by pre-season homologation deadlines in February. This new rule involves the use of 32 'tokens' being used throughout the year to develop up to 48 per cent of the engine.

Significantly though, this ruling did not include the incoming Honda, who were perceived by rivals to be at an advantage since it was coming into the sport a year later and with a longer development lead-in. Under the previous ruling, it would not be able to develop its engine after it was submitted for competition on February 28th.

However, complaints by Honda have forced to the FIA to review the rule, with the BBC reporting that the manufacturer - which will supply engines to McLaren in 2015 on its return to the sport - can make amendments to the engine based on the number of token unused by rivals prior to the opening round in Australia.

"If the three 2014 manufacturers have eight, seven and five unused tokens respectively at the start of the season, then the new manufacturer will be allowed to use six during the season (the average rounded down to the nearest whole number)," reads a letter sent by FIA race director Charlie Whiting, according to the BBC

Despite the dependency on its rivals' actions, Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari are unlikely to use up their entire token allocation before the start of the season, giving Honda an opportunity to capitalise.

The move will be met with relief by the Japanese manufacturer after its first public outing in the McLaren during the Abu Dhabi post-season tests proved a public failure, the engine managing only a handful of laps.

Pre-season testing for the 2015 season begins on February 1st in Jerez and will run for four days, with Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button set to get their first taste of the engine and the 2015


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