Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton says it was "good" to get some laps in on Friday during day two of the Barcelona test.

Hamilton only did 11 laps on Thursday due to a fever, but got the chance to return to the cockpit this afternoon, when team-mate Nico Rosberg opted to sit out the session as a precaution after trapping a nerve in his neck.

"I have not seen that in Formula 1 or coming up through the ranks with both team-mates having issues, but it has been good today to get some laps in," Hamilton told reporters, including "I missed driving so I wanted to get in."

Hamilton finished the day fifth overall, 0.349s off the top time posted by Daniel Ricciardo, but when quizzed on the team's overall competitiveness, he maintained that is not something he has been looking at.

"I have not spoken to the team about where we stand compared to others. I think we are just focusing on our own job," explained the 2014 and 2008 F1 World Champion. "We are making sure that any creases we have we try and iron them out and get lots and lots of mileage on the car to really prove everything up."

"I don't even know where everyone else was today," he continued. "We are just concentrating on doing the best job we can and maximising the opportunity with the days that we have. We are really working away.

"We have got an amazing team here that are just working away and as long as we keep moving forward, that is what matters most."

So how does he feel in the car and does it suit him?

"Well the first test is just lots and lots of laps and today again, just lots and lots of laps," stated the Briton, who did 89 tours this afternoon and who is due to run again on Saturday. "We are not really dialling in the car to how I would like to perfect it, but it feels good. It feels very similar to last year, but better, which is a good step.

"I definitely think we are going to be in a position to fight others that is for sure [this season]. Where we are [as I said], I have not looked at where everyone else is, but I think others have taken a good step. I guess time will tell."



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