Daniil Kvyat says Red Bull Racing learned "many good things" on Saturday during the third day of testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, although he added it is still too "early" to make predictions for F1 2015.

Kvyat took over from Daniel Ricciardo this morning, the Russian spending much of the morning doing pit simulations, before moving on to long runs this afternoon.

In the end he did 112 laps, finishing the day sixth quickest on a 1m 26.589s - 2.2s off the pace.

"We learnt many good things today and did many laps, which we were pleased to see. Obviously yesterday Daniel and today myself, we did a lot of laps," Kvyat told reporters, including Crash.net. "It was very consistent running, so useful for us and we got a lot of information. Definitely last year this stage was a lot tougher. But everyone else is also of course making steps forward."

Asked if Red Bull is quick enough yet, he replied: "It is very early to make these kinds of predictions. Even though we are getting closer and closer to Australia it is still early days and no one really knows where they are - apart from maybe some teams!

"But we are doing our job and we have many people in the team. All of them are doing their best, including myself. We are hoping to get ourselves in the best shape for Australia. Like I said, today has been a very productive day for us. We did over 100 laps and I think that is very, very good."

Meanwhile, Red Bull's head of race engineering Guillaume Rocquelin also played up the fact they managed to do so many laps, noting that the squad will now start focusing more on speed.

"Today's running with Dany was pretty much a carbon copy of what we did with Daniel yesterday, although this morning we were hampered a bit by the weather conditions," he continued. "As yesterday, we got through a lot of pit stop practice and tyre work in the morning but today the conditions for the last hour of the morning meant it was largely pointless to do any running, so we lost maybe 30 laps of running there.

"However, in the afternoon we switched Dany over to long runs and worked through that programme without any hitches.

"It is reassuring to have done these two days of long distance runs without problems at all. It means that we now have a solid baseline to work from and we can move forward to the next phase of our testing work, which should build on performance."



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