Valtteri Bottas says Williams will need to improve in the pitstops if they want to win a race this season and that is why the team spent most of day three of the Barcelona test doing stop after stop after stop.

Bottas, who shared driving on Saturday with team-mate, Felipe Massa, ran in the afternoon, completing 49 tours in total, although it was only right at the end that he actually set a lap time.

"Pit stops was the main thing today," Bottas told reporters, including "Originally we planned to do that on Sunday, but we changed the schedule because Sunday is going to be a nicer day for testing. We can achieve more with set-up and stuff on Sunday than today [due to the rain]."

"Even for me it is nice [to do pitstop practice] because it is only three weeks to Melbourne now [and the first race of the season in Australia]," he added. "Just to get comfortable entering the pits and the pit box and always trying to stop at the right place is important - every 10 centimetres you go short or long, it can cost you tenths. It is not that easy or simple to gain a few tenths on the track.

"It was good for me and really good for the team. They practiced different kinds of situations, like steering wheel changes and if one gun fails and stuff like that, because we know also in this area, if we want to win a race we need to improve."

Team-mate Felipe Massa, who also spent much of the morning working on pit stops, agreed that the practice was important.

"I did a few laps at the start of the day, but the programme for the day was to practice the pitstop procedure which come a Grand Prix is always important," noted the Brazilian. "It is positive to have the team ready and it's always good for the driver to practice so the team know what to expect. The whole procedure has to be quick and we can only do that by practicing."



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