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Felipe Massa says he is uncertain Manor-Marussia should be permitted a return to the F1 grid in 2015 if it is going to use a car that will be significantly slower than its rivals.

Formerly known as Marussia, the team - under the Manor F1 guise - is seeking a return to the F1 grid in 2015 after coming out of administration and has lodged its entry for the season even though it didn't get the unanimous support from rival teams it requires to compete.

Though the block in question came courtesy of at least Force India, which described its proposal as 'lacking substance', Williams has already gone on record to say it would support Manor's return to F1.

Its driver, however, is less convinced, with Massa saying that while he supports the idea of having more cars on the grid, it is better not to permit an entry if it is going to be significantly slower.

"I think when you don't know what the real problem is, it's difficult to comment," he told "I don't know really what the situation is with the money, all I know is that many teams are struggling for the money. This is something that needs to improve. We want to see the most cars on the track.

"Maybe they will allow Marussia to race, but which car are they going to race? Which engine are they going to use? So, having a car that will be 10 seconds slow, it's better not to have it to be honest.

"I hope that they organise the situation with the money, but also to have a team on the track that is competitive, not to be there for nothing. If the team is 10 seconds slow, it's better to take the GP2 car which will be 10 seconds slow anyway, and it is much cheaper anyway."

Despite the block from rivals, Manor is forging ahead with its plans and has announced its plans to be on the F1 grid for the Australian Grand Prix opener with Will Stevens as its first confirmed driver.


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