Manor F1 principal Graeme Lowdon says his team is working hard to get to a stage where it can get on track with its cars after failing to turn a wheel during free practice for the Australian Grand Prix.

Always anticipated to be facing an uphill task to get the car up to speed in time for the 2015 season opener, neither Will Stevens nor Roberto Merhi emerged from the garage in FP1 and FP2 as Manor worked to get the car into a setting where it can run on track.

Indeed, Lowdon says he remains uncertain as to whether the car will even make it out on track at Albert Park at all, let alone race, but says the problems Manor is facing is no surprise in the context of its late re-formation.

"I honestly don't know," he said when asked whether the cars will run on Saturday. "It's not merely a software issue. There are a lot of issues, none of which are a big surprise when you consider the amount of work that has been required to get the team here in a very short space of time.

"I would say the problems we are dealing with at present are not unusual for the task we are doing, which is effectively setting up both trackside and on-car infrastructure for these cars to run.

"We've put our best effort in and we will deal with each problem sequentially and try to get through them as quickly as we can, and try and get running as quickly as we can."

Despite the challenges Manor faces, Lowdon maintains the team is doing all it can to get the cars on track in Australia and praised the mechanics for its non-stop efforts.

"It's really important to be here," he continued. "This is the championship we are part of, and we want to be part of it from the start, right the way through to the finish.

"For those who have seen the task the team has addressed, it has been an incredible job by an awful lot of people. The cars and systems are incredibly complicated, and what we have achieved in an incredibly short space of time - the company only came out of administration two weeks ago - has really been tremendous.

"We're racers, and we want to race. There is nothing we're doing that has possibly slowed the process down. We want to be on the track as quick as we possibly can, so we'll keep pushing as hard as we can, and I'm pretty sure we'll be there sooner rather than later and we can then move forward."



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