Claire Williams feels more research needs to go into gauging what fans want to see from Formula 1 to ensure it is not spending time pushing for unwanted change.

F1 is coming under increasing pressure to resonate with fans amidst falling spectator and television audience numbers in several key markets, with Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene making his opinion felt by calling for 'revolution' with more powerful cars and greater engagement with fans.

Indeed, Williams agrees that F1 needs to do more to establish a dialogue with the general public to help shape the sport's future direction, pointing out that there has been no fan survey for a number of years now.

"As a group, we probably need to do more research into what fans want and listen to what our fans want before actually doing things that maybe the fans aren't interested in," she said. "It is important to have a two-way conversation rather than pushing change for the sake of it.

"We haven't done a fan survey for a number of years. Obviously partners of teams and promoters do their own research, so it is a case of probably getting everyone together and pooling it and talking to the media, because that is probably the most direct portal that we have. This is probably the best way to listen and engage with fans in what they want and want to see as the future of F1.

Building on this point, Williams feels that F1 should be listening to those who watch the sport and sustain it, as well as pushing for technical innovation.

"We think F1 is a great sport and as a member of the strategy group, there are conversations going on about what we can do to make it a better sport. These conversations are focusing around changing the engine formula, to make it louder, and to change the technical regulations to make the cars more radical and more innovative, so that they represent F1.

"These are conversation we are having and where we are looking... it is about improving what is a great platform and if that drives more fans to watch our sport and ensures the sustainability of the sport, then Williams is 100 per cent behind those conversations."



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